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Get inspiration and most user flows developed. Experienced designers and developers have already created plenty of beautiful and multifunctional app templates.

No Code App Template

Real Estate is a web application template for real estate agencies. Simple, beautiful, and responsive on desktop and mobile.You can easily configure categories, amenities and manage users as an admin.

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No Code App Development Case

Use this template to create a TikTok influencer collaboration marketplace (like Pearpop, or Cameo), or adjust it for your own needs/social networks.

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No Code App Development Case for dating

Do you have an idea on a swipe & match dating app? We have already developed plenty of features. Meet new real people and expand your social circle. Create a stunning profile, submit some good photos and a solid bio, and start swiping!

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No Code App Development Case OKR

Full app to roll out Objectives and Key Results goal-setting methodology in your team. Create alignment around measurable goals and focus on what matters with OKRs.

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Bubble template from No Code No Problem studio

A marketplace for freelancers and service workers to sell or buy new clients, whether it's marketing, development, healthcare, finance, consulting, or any other type of service.

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Bubble Plugins are extensions that handle complex API integrations and add features and visual effects to your applications.

What is a template?

Templates are prewritten apps provided by No Code No Problem studio. We develop them with Bubble, Glide, Webflow, Adalo, and other no-code tools. You can modify templates on a specific no-code platform and save plenty of time using templates developed by our experienced designers and no-coders.

How can I use a template?

Click the selected template to find out the details and download. 

Once you have bought or added a template to your account, you can use it as the basis for the new application. When you create an app with a template, you will be able to review the template in the Editor (or on the template page). 

A template isn't a theme for your app but a pre-built set of elements and workflows. You can modify the template as you would modify another app.

Please note that you cannot add a template to an app after the app is created.

Can I preview a template?

Yes, you can try a template design and user flows. To preview, click the "View" button and go to the marketplace page. You will have two options - launch the preview mode or watch our YouTube video via the link in the template description.

How can I customize a template?

You can customize everything in the template - design, workflows, database, and all the settings like domain, SEO parameters, etc. You can edit them yourself or contact No Code No Problem for help.

How many applications can I create using the purchased template?

You can create as many applications using our template as you need (not for resale as templates).

Can I combine templates?

Yes, copying visual elements are simple, but copy-pasting workflows would require manual manipulation because they are tied to the database structure. You would need to manually reconcile each occurrence where it doesn't see the DB field. You have to do the same with visual elements that refer to the DB in the data source or the conditional formatting tab.

What is a Bubble plugin?

Bubble Plugins are extensions that add new API connections, authentication methods (through OAuth), specific elements (slideshow, an Excel-like table), events, data sources, and actions to Bubble. 

They are created on the Bubble platform and can be used only within the Bubble web apps. They are not part of the Bubble core, but you can use them in your application.

Plugins add some code to the headers of your page and enable some background services in your app. Use plugins to integrate payment services, analytics, databases, improve UI/UX, etc.

How can I install a Bubble plugin?

To install a plugin, go to your Bubble account -> Plugins tab. This tab shows the installed plugins. Find and click the "Add Plugins" button, and search for the plugin using the name. Click "Install" (if the plugin is free) or" Buy" (if it is a paid plugin). Click "Done" and go to Plugin Tab - you'll see the newly installed plugin.

In most cases, you do not need to set up the plugin after the purchase. Just place the element on the page and specify settings. Refer to the demo and documentation on the plugin page if you need configuration. 

See "Using Plugins" Guide by Bubble for more details.

What is the fee charged for using plugins?

No Code No Problem studio offers free and paid plugins. 

You will be charged only for the actual days used. Bubble adds the fee to the monthly bill (or yearly if the user is on a yearly plan), and the amount is prorated. If you subscribe to a plugin for one day, you'll be charged this plugin fee / 30.

If you choose to remove the plugin, you get credited for the remaining time, so you're only paying for the time that the plugin is actually active in your app. 

Pay attention: if you are on a free trial and you add a plugin subscription, this will modify your subscription, and you will get charged for that plugin & a month of the paid plan immediately.

Can I use a plugin in several apps?

No, you can only buy a plugin for one application. If you need the same paid plugin in another app, please purchase it separately from that app.

How can I get support with plugins / templates?

No Code No Problem provides support for our plugins. Please read the documentation and watch the demo to understand how to install and configure the plugin. For bugs or any other technical issues, please contact

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